Undiscovered Paldiski

Explore the Town Closed for a Long Time

Paldiski area is the second largest town in Estonia after Tallinn. Its territory covers the Pakri Peninsula, Suur-Pakri (Big Pakri) and Väike-Pakri (Little Pakri) islands and the surrounding sea.

Paldiski town is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Paldiski about 50km from Tallinn. Originally it was a Swedish settlement known as Rogerwiek, which means „the Gulf of Rikki Island.“ In 1715 Peter the Great personally visited the Rogerwiek Gulf and decided: „Let a warship base be here!“

In 1962 Paldiski became a Soviet Navy nuclear submarine training centre. With two land-based nuclear reactors and some 16,000 employees it was the biggest such facility in the whole Soviet Union. Because of its importance, the whole town was closed off with barbed wire until the last Russian warship left it in August 1994.

Even today, almost 20 years later, the whole Paldiski and the Pakri Peninsula are covered with left behind bunkers, unknown sewage heaps, and several construction debris left by the army. The abandoned apartment blocks and Soviet Army infrastructure remnants are exciting and worth seeing.

There is one more good reason to visit Paldiski. The Pakri Peninsula is also famous for its limestone banks and nearby family friendly beaches. The tallest lighthouse in Estonia is situated on the Pakri Peninsula, and rare cryslis live there, who look like little penguins.

On our tour we are going to enjoy untouched nature, steep limestone coast, the lighthouse and Pakri Wind Park. We will also admire Keila-Joa waterfalls.

Paldiski is not definitely a stereotypical tourist town. If you are interested in Soviet or military history, it is the place for you. It is an interesting place for nature friends and bird watchers.


We will meet you at previously agreed time at your hotel.

Duration: 4 hours


Price per person 90 EUR (min 4 persons)
Price per person 105 EUR (min 2 persons)

The tour can be arranged for the bigger groups – ask for an offer!

Tour takes place all year round.

Tour includes

  • English speaking guide
  • 4 hour sightseeing to Paldiski
  • Coffee break
  • Walk around the Keila-Joa waterfalls

Additional information

  • Comfortable outfit and shoes
  • We can include lunch to the program. (additional 20 EUR per person)