Bog – Walk

Detailed Tour Description

Duration: 6 hours

Your tour will start with drive to North-Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve (area 11 283 ha), which has been created in 1991 to preserve relatively untouched landscapes and ecosystems. The region, also called Estonian Switzerland, is extremely diverse: with steep sided eskers and plateaus formed by the withdrawal of the glacier sheet 12 000 years ago, and in hollows between them some 50 forest lakes, bogs and different types of forests. The big flat land with many bogs gains variety from small drumlins, eskers, tip moraines and forest lakes and rivers. The area is perfect for hiking in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.

During our bog-walking trip you have the opportunity to enjoy various landscapes from forests to bogs and admire beautiful small lakes. We will walk on a boardwalk but if you wish to have a natural experience of a bog, there is also an opportunity to walk on across the mosses of bogs following our experienced guide. The trip also includes a picnic lunch before your return to port.