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3 hours

The Soviet Story

How did the Soviet people live? What did the state expect form its citizens and what was actually important to them?

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2,5 hours

A small person and old houses

Take your parents and grandparents with you and let us go for a walk. We will walk on winding streets, climb up and down staircases, peek into corners and courtyards, and listen to the stories about the people who once lived here.

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2 hours

Estonian Art Tour

What makes Estonian art unique? Where it lays in comparison with the world art? We will walk around art galleries, applied art and antiquary shops of Tallinn, listen to the valuations and recommendations of the experts in this field.

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3 hours

Mystical Bastion Tunnels and Ancient Towers

Have you ever dreamed of travelling in time, to be in the past in 1219 for one moment and then whirl into the future and look at the events waiting for the mankind in 2219?

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Thank you for organising such a fantastic honeymoon. Your attention to detail was excellent and your recommendations brilliant. It was without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience.

Margaret and Thomas Edwards

Everyone has been impressed with the level of service we have been receiving from your company.

Maria Hernandez (Costa Rica)