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6 hours

Tour to Lahemaa and Manorhouses

The place name Lahemaa has become known in Estonia as well in other places all over the world. Lahemaa marks beatiful nature landscape. Its forests, stony coasts, fishermen’ villages and fields are connected into one entity.

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Tour: Undiscovered Paldiski

Paldiski area is the second largest town in Estonia after Tallinn. Its territory covers the Pakri Peninsula, Suur-Pakri (Big Pakri) and Väike-Pakri (Little Pakri) islands and the surrounding sea.

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3 hours

Christmas Tallinn

A walk in Tallinn Old Town in Christmas season does well to everybody. Even local citizens should cut their saving down and let winding streets and limestone walls remind us the antiquity of Christmas customs

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2 hours

Medieval Meal - a dinner-tour

Have you thought how did the Medieval meal look like? Did people have forks or were their fingers the only cutlery they used? To get an answer to these questions you are welcome to join a Medieval Feast!

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3 hours

The city in its simplicity and charm

Have you ever dreamed of walking in an old city with its medieval milieu – red tiled roofs, mysterious courtyards, endless staircases and adventurous history?

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Thank you for organising such a fantastic honeymoon. Your attention to detail was excellent and your recommendations brilliant. It was without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience.

Margaret and Thomas Edwards

Everyone has been impressed with the level of service we have been receiving from your company.

Maria Hernandez (Costa Rica)